The videos we produce are created to humanize the defendant and to show the multifaceted values they bring to their families, friends and to society. For example, in the video we created for Michael, we showed how personal tragedy and work-related injury led to a debilitating addiction to painkillers, and how Michael is so much more than just another opioid crisis statistic.

He's a Nurturing Father

His sons rely on him for guidance and stability, and every single day he is there for them.

He's a Caring Neighbor

He takes care of those around him who are incapacitated or in need of a helping hand.

He's a Supportive Husband

He encourages and supports his partner fully and unconditionally.

He's a Model for Recovery

He is committed to sharing his story with medical professionals at conferences to advocate for new scientific approaches in treating opioid addiction.

An injury on the job caused Michael to be prescribed a variety of drugs in an effort to manage crippling pain, and like so many other good, hardworking people in our country right now, he descended a slippery slope into opioid addiction. And like many of the approximately 11 million other Americans who have developed a dependence on opioidsMichael began breaking the law in order to feed his addiction. 

After being approached by Michael's defense attorney to help present the presiding judge with more information on Michael's character, we began researching the nuanced circumstances relating to Michael’s case, interviewing his wife, children and friends to formulate a Complete Picture. 


While awaiting sentencing, Michael was granted rehabilitative services, all of which he embraced and completed successfully. Because of these programs, he has now been sober for over three and a half years. He, his wife Marie and two sons are so thankful that he was given probation so that he can continue to support his family while staying focused on his recovery. 







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