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- An Individual Facing Prison Is More Than Their Greatest Mistake -

CPic’s 100% success in helping to reduce sentences for indigent people of all races has compelled us to embark on an initiative to help justice involved individuals nationally, planting seeds in states that are in dire need of equitable sentencing reform, such as Texas and Alabama.

62% of our clients received no prison time or a suspended sentence in lieu of prison time. We hope our model for challenging bias through storytelling can be replicated in all places in the U.S and beyond that need to promote equality within their courts.


Our organization began in 2019 as a small nonprofit, based in

and primarily serving Northern California. As more California judges,

prosecutors and public defenders recognized the unparalleled value of

sentencing videos, we continued to expand, shifting to include New York,

Los Angeles, Portland and Seattle in our area of focus.


Receive a sentence

below the sentencing

guideline range.

Of our client's

don't go to prison.

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