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"The Complete Picture really showed the judge who I am, not just the Daisy who committed a crime. Now the ball is in my court. I get to finish my degree, watch my kid go to her first day of school, and never miss another day of the kid's lives."

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The videos we produce are created to humanize the defendant and to show the multifaceted values and essential support they bring to their families, friends and to society. For example, in the video we created for Daisy, we focused on how she was denied court-mandated drug treatment but still managed on her own to be accepted into a rehab. Her favorite thing about being there was "getting to know herself again". From that moment forward, she turned her life around. 

Excerts From Daisy's Sentencing Video

A Model for Recovery
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She's Maintained her Recovery

Despite being introduced to crystal meth at age 14, and being addicted for two decades, Daisy has now been sober

for almost three years.