An individual facing prison may also be a dedicated parent, a valued employee, an asset to their community and a person who is much more than their greatest mistake.


We Collaborate

We coordinate with defense attorneys to use the power of storytelling to introduce more context into the legal process.

We Produce Videos

We create personalized videos that convert a black & white description of a defendant’s case on paper into a compelling, vibrant, multi-dimensional picture of a real person. 

The United States incarcerates more people per capita than anywhere else in the world, costing taxpayers an estimated $74 billion per year, eclipsing the GDP of 133 nations. A by-product of the reduced sentence

is that there is a substantial savings to taxpayers.

Our first six videos were instrumental in an accumulated reduction of 235 months of prison time for the defendants collectively, which equates to a savings of over 1.6 million taxpayer dollars.   

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"The judge watched the Complete Picture video three times.

When I took the stand, he looked at me as if he knew me. 

He said, 'You do not belong in prison' ."

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"I can’t believe how amazing the video is. It saved my family from hardships and me from going to prison. I am forever in your debt.

I’m still in shock. Thank you so much."


The judge has a heavy responsibility to sort through all of the evidence and consider it from every angle in order to reach the most just decision for the defendant and society. Generally, the majority of the information the judge has been provided about the defendant has been negative. Underprivileged people who are convicted of a crime lack the resources to present a complete picture of the factors that led to their crime, their past achievements, and the positive contributions they make to their families and in their communities. For this reason, our video portrait is an invaluable tool because it provides the judge with a more complete story, emphasizing a more accurate and well-rounded portrayal of the defendant as a real, complete human being, not a generic criminal.


Why Create A Complete Picture

Sentencing Mitigation Video?

It's a Gamechanger

We are presenting crucial information. A typed up document about a defendant’s transgression is not always enough to relay the whole truth. 

It's Leveling The Field

By allowing defendants to tell their stories, we help to make the criminal justice system more balanced. Without it, the deck is often

stacked against them. The bottom line is this: 


It's Decriminalizing

Our system often criminalizes people suffering from Substance Use Disorder and mental health illnesses. By emphasizing these medical conditions, defendants are more likely to get the treatment they need.

It's Promoting Rehabilitation

Our videos make evident the need for mental health care, drug rehab, and job training for individuals who would benefit from recovery programs and education while they are in prison.

Courage is believing you can move

forward even after you've made a mistake.




We are a non-profit with the mission to develop sensitive, honest, engaging video portraits that humanize individuals who are being sentenced to prison. This personalized video which is viewed by the judge just prior to sentencing provides a fuller picture of the defendant so that the courts can better understand their value to their families and their communities, which often results in reduced prison sentences where appropriate. These videos are a tool to give the judge confidence to proceed with humane sentencing and often allow persons to return more quickly to resume productive lives.


We collaborate in the creation of these videos with defense attorneys who represent underprivileged people overpopulating our jails and prisons. Most often we ask attorneys to bring forward candidates with genuine mitigating circumstances and admirable character traits.  


  Founder | CEO 

At Complete Picture, we recognize that individuals have value to their family and community even if they have committed a crime. We believe in the right of due process. If we can enable the judge to see the defendant as their family does, then we know we've done our job."

“As criminal defense attorneys, we humanize our clients by getting their back story. So many suffer from bipolar disorder or some other form of mental illness. Stories of my client’s lives are heartbreaking… child abuse, sexual abuse, extreme poverty, and you wonder what happens to kids who survive that. They don’t generally grow up to be CEOs.

They wind up being my clients.”

- Shari Rusk Esq.

Criminal Defense Attorney

"The main issues with the criminal justice system is that it is often biased towards minorities and people of color. It also regularly treats poverty as a crime and uses where you came from, such as low income communities, as a factor against you.

- Shadeed Stepter

 Complete Picture

  Producer | Cinematographer

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At Complete Picture, we recognize that individuals have value to their family and community even if they have committed a crime. We believe in the right of due process. If we can enable the judge to see the defendant as their family does, then we know we've done our job."

- Rebecca Grace

  Founder | CEO 

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