After a defendant is charged with a crime, we'll work closely with their defense team developing a sentencing video.

With the sentencing of an individual convicted of one or more felonies (for which an individual offender may be sentenced to total confinement of one year or more), Complete Pictures intermediate function is to create videos for defense attorneys who represent minorities and other underprivileged offenders who are overpopulating our jails and prisons.

We limit our videos to non-violent offenses so that the levels of severity of authorized and presumptive sentences are appropriate for each type of offense.

Most importantly, we try to show how the defendant is needed by there family members and by the community in which they live. How they are taking steps and working hard to be trustworthy citizens. How they are genuinely remorseful, an asset to society and worthy of a second chance.


Here is a brief breakdown of how we create our sentencing videos:

A Statement of Work is created and sent to the defense attorney, judge and/or the defendant.

We identify factors that may aggravate the gravity of an offense or an offender’s culpability in commission of the offense.

A list of appropriate interviewees and a film shoot is scheduled.

All of the interviews are filmed with state-of-the-art 4/6K cameras, lights and audio equipment.

The footage is then brought into post production where it is edited into a final video. Revisions are made by the client and defense attorney.

Once the final cut is approved, a link is submitted to the defense attorney for them to share with their client and the judge.

Each video we make is totally unique and tailored to the needs of the defendant. We have been creating sentencing videos for years now and have greatly improved our capabilities. After speaking with the defense attorney about the case, we narrow our inquiries to those being interviewed, down to the most pertinent and direct questions possible. We treat everyone with total respect and empathy...As though they were our own friends or family members. This helps us to achieve the genuine, honest and heartfelt answers that make our videos so unique.

In addition, all of our footage is shot on extremely high

definition cameras so that everyone being filmed is in

sharp focus and looks there absolute best. We also use

motion picture standard lighting systems, the finest

Sennheiser audio equipment, DJI Ronins, sliders, jibs,

drones, Zeiss prime lenses and much more.

This is extremely helpful in the post production because

when the video is being edited, we know that

all of the footage needed to make a Complete Picture

has been filmed and that there is no need to go back

and re-shoot the interviews.

Once we have committed to creating a sentencing video for a defendant, we do our absolute best to give the judge an honest and complete picture that takes into account all of the offender’s mitigating circumstances that lead up to the crime that he/she is now being sentenced for. This can often include such issues as child abuse, past childhood molestation, mental/drug abuse, severe anxiety and/or depression and even suicidal tendencies. 

Our goal, however, is not to showcase to the judge an extravagant "Hollywood Production" type of video. On the contrary, what we endeavor to achieve in our films are a brief, honest, no frills and direct to the point video that illustrates to the court all of the facts about the defendants case.

We do not shy away, hide or belittle what the defendants crime was, nor do we lay blame on others to make the defendant seem more innocent. Not only would it be unproductive, but it could also undermine the defense lawyers case that he/she is attempting to achieve.

Instead, we tell exactly what the defendants crime was, what circumstances led them to commit their infraction, how long term incarceration will affect the defendants family and community, and most importantly, what they plan to do with their future. 

Because we film the interviews with state-of-the-art camera packages and specially trained crews, we are able achieve the highest quality and most professional results possible.

Our goal, however, is not to showcase to the judge an extravagant "Hollywood Production" type of video. On the contrary, what we endeavor to achieve in our films is a brief, honest, no-frills and direct to the point video that illustrates to the court all of the facts about the defendant's case.

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