A Statement of Work is created and sent to the defense attorney, judge and/or the defendant.

We coordinate with the attorney to review pertinent information pertaining to the defendant's case, and we conduct the research needed to understand the defendant's unique circumstances.

We interview the defendant to compile a strategic list of interviewees. Once

they are approved by the attorney, we schedule the film shoot. This phase of

pre-production takes a minimum of two weeks.

All of the interviews are filmed with state-of-the-art cameras, lights and audio equipment.

The footage is then brought into post-production where it is edited into a rough cut that is shared with the attorney for feedback. This process averages around four to five weeks.

Once the final cut is approved, a link is submitted to the defense attorney for them to share with their client and the judge.


Headquarters:   Fremont, CA  94536    323.683.5689