The videos we produce are created to humanize the defendant and to show the multifaceted values and essential support that they bring to their families, friends and to society. For example, in the video we created for Beshiba, we focused on her selflessness and how she is so much more than a woman who has been found guilty of a crime.

She's a Caregiver

Though she suffered an especially abusive childhood, Beshiba still gives her mother unwavering 24/7 care.

She's a Single Mother

Though she has had to fulfill the role of both parents, Beshiba has done an incredible job raising her two boys.

She's a Dedicated Student

Even as Beshiba struggles daily to make ends meet, she continues to attend college and has earned several degrees.

She's a Community Leader

Beshiba is loved, valued and highly respected by her fellow church members

and the entire community around her. 

When we were approached by defense attorney Dustin Johnson to see if we felt Beshiba would benefit from a sentencing video, we all agreed that not only would she benefit, but that it was absolutely necessary.  Because Beshiba is one of the kindest, most nurturing individuals you could ever meet. She is the sole dedicated caregiver to her mother.

She is a dynamic mother who singlehandedly raised two gifted athletic boys, all while working full-time and going to college to earn a degree.  The paper before the judge with Beshiba’s name on it didn’t tell the whole story.  It was up to us to show the judge who Beshiba really is.


It took us less than six weeks to produce, prep, film and edit Beshiba’s video. This is mostly due to the fact that everyone we interviewed was determined to help us in any way possible out of their love for Beshiba. The presiding judge watched the Complete Picture video three times and said in the courtroom that Beshiba does not belong in prison. She was looking at a prison sentence of three years, but even the prosecutor changed his recommendation. After viewing the Complete Picture video, Beshiba’s sentence was reduced to zero.







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